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12 Jun,2019

The importance of Data Privacy

At Learnitude Technologies, we have been taking data protection measures as our priorities. The date of customers is being encrypted at the app level itself, it can't be assessed by others. We have been developing and designing various types of applications using various technologies stacks. Our first priority is to protect the data of our clients and their customers.

25 Mar,2019

Robo-advisory Services to touch $450 Billion by 2020

Technology disruption is transforming the world of finance. You can do your banking activities online and able us the mobile applications of various banks for desired banking services. Of late, the advisory businesses are booming due to the digital transformation.

23 Aug,2018

How to avoid common Product Strategy Mistakes

It is the vision of every entrepreneur to make their product successful in the market. In fact, most of the products fail even prior hitting to market because of product strategy mistakes. The major reason for the failure could be your own strategy besides other reasons: poor UX design, reduced functionality, no real value, etc. You need the right technology team in order to develop the product of

10 Nov,2016

Tips for startups to launch Minimum Viable Products - MVPs

Everybody has an idea and everyone wants to launch a product. If you are a startup and planning to launch your product, then you are the right place to know, how it would benefit you and what precautions you need to take to avoid failure.

05 Nov,2016

Focus on User Experience & Performance to create Great PhoneGap Apps

Many mobile apps build on PhoneGap platform are working fine and also get featured in app stores. While judging the performance of the mobile application built on this platform, you should consider the experience of the end-user, what was their ultimate experience and response.