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14 Mar,2020

Learnitude Technologies organizes meeting on Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) awareness

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is the deadly virus which is spreading and taking toll across the world. Taking a serious note over the COVID-19, CEO of Learnitude Technologies; Saswat Panda convened an emergency meeting of the employees to bring awareness among the employees.

23 May,2015

Cloud ERP Solutions to boost Your E-Commerce Business

Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) has been one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world. Of late, in the ERP market, the cloud-based ERP solutions have been trending. It is an alternative to the traditional on-site ERP solutions, which is recommended software solutions for startups and small business enterprises.

18 Apr,2016

IoT Hype: CRM Software to reap the benefit in 2016

Much hype of the buzzwords like the Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data is likely to have a positive impact on Customer Relationship Management CRM) software in 2016. CRM pundits projected this year would be of CRM technologies and software.

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