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12 Feb,2019

Implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Stock Market

The leveraging technologies – Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (MI) are being widely used in many sectors and stock market is not an exception. Of late, the technologies are helping larger brokers to provide efficient and personalized services to their customers like major e-commerce companies have been providing. The applications are taking the right decision to cater the right k

28 Jan,2019

Insight: Digital Transformation in Manufacturing Sector

Digital transformation has been changing the manufacturing sector. The implementation of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industry 4.0 revolution have been converting the manufacturing facilities into smart factories. There is a big scope for the technology adoption in the Southeast Asia SEA’s manufacturing sector. The digitization has been making manufacturing units more efficient and

23 Jan,2019

Digital Transformation- The new business model for next generation companies!

Digital transformation is the new business model for the next generation companies. It is essential for the companies to grow, scale up their business operations & revenues and remain in the competitive business landscape. If you have not adopted any technology for the digital transformation then it’s the right time to formulate a strategy that suits your business

20 Dec,2018

Insight: Blockchain Market to touch over $28 USD Billion by 2025

The global blockchain market is growing at a faster annual growth rate due to the higher rate of adoption technology and digital transformation initiatives. The blockchain technology (also known as Distributed Ledger Technology or DLT) has been redefining the businesses across the world in all of the industrial verticals. Currently, the technology has dominated the fintech sector and embarking int

18 Dec,2018

How Blockchain transforms Degrees & Certifications in Universities

The education system needs the implementation of leveraging technologies like blockchain and AI to automate and bring transparency. The educational institutions including national level & international colleges and universities will be benefited with the integration of blockchain application in the system. The implementation could be done at various stages to achieve desired goals and output. Let’

26 Nov,2018

Implementation of Blockchain Technology in top 20 areas

Blockchain technology is the next big things as it already implemented in many industries. You will able to witness the implementation of blockchain in most of the industries. The governments across the world are considering the technology seriously to implement it in their work area.

08 Nov,2018

The Cloud ERP Software Market to touch $29.84 Billion by 2021

The cloud-based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software has been useful for companies, startups, and enterprises to streamline the processes and enhance their productivity. These companies are less dependent on the infrastructure by moving to the cloud. The demand for cloud-based application has been increasing day-by-day. The ERP market is expected to grow rapidly in the next couple of years.

02 Nov,2018

Singapore emerges as an Innovation Hub for Blockchain Technology

Blockchain, the latest technology, is being implemented in various sectors including fintech across the globe. The technology not only empowered the digital currency but helped to bring a big change in many sectors including services. Of late, many companies are interested to implement the blockchain technology to secure their contracts and customers’ data. A decade ago the technology was first im

28 Oct,2018

Application of Artificial Intelligence in Food and Beverage Industry

The companies have been always looking for new ways to reach and serve the customers while keeping the costs low. Many companies including the food and beverage industry are turning to implement Artificial Intelligence (AI) to achieve better customers’ experience, efficient supply chain management and to achieve the best results in the business.

22 Oct,2018

ERP implementation best practices for Organizations to follow

Companies have been implementing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System to optimize the business process. ERP is business process management software that allows enterprises, companies use a system of integrated applications to manage and automate many processes. ERP software comprises many modules like Human Resources, Accounting, Manufacturing, Sales, etc. An organization could implement an e

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