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14 Mar,2020

Learnitude Technologies organizes meeting on Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) awareness

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is the deadly virus which is spreading and taking toll across the world. Taking a serious note over the COVID-19, CEO of Learnitude Technologies; Saswat Panda convened an emergency meeting of the employees to bring awareness among the employees.

06 Mar,2020

Why you need to focus on E-Commerce Security Features

Major challenges for your e-commerce business are hackers, fraudster, customer data protection and securing financial information like credit card & banking details of customers. No matter your e-commerce business is big or small, you must have the security features for your e-commerce portal, so that you will be able to do the business and let customers to repose faith your business.

30 Jan,2020

Good Product Design: How to build Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

The product design is the practice of design thinking. The major reason for the failure could be the product development strategy, poor UX design, reduced functionality, no real value, etc. Startups need the support of technology team in order to develop the MVP. Let’s have a look at the product design process and why startups must focus on this.

14 Jan,2020

Top 10 Ways to use Artificial Intelligence in E-Commerce

The e-commerce business is flourishing and the blossoming trajectory of e-commerce is said to accelerate further. The revolution in e-commerce has set many successful business models that are not only successful but intriguing many business owners to venture into.

03 Jan,2020

The Digital Healthcare Landscape In 2020

Healthcare landscape is going to feel the rapid impact of the digitization in the year 2020. After banking, retail, and media, healthcare sector will be benefited mostly due to the adoption of digital technologies. The adoption of latest technologies like AI, blockchain in the healthcare will address major problems: labor shortage, rising cost and constricting margins.

03 Dec,2019

Top 5 Keys to a Successful Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is empowering companies, industries and enterprise to deliver their services in better ways. There are top five characteristics for successfully making digital changes to business, there are: leadership, capacity building, empowering staff, upgrading tools, and communication.

19 Nov,2019

Top 5 Benefits of Digital Transformation

Business owners have been adopting technologies to accelerate the digital transformation process. Digital transformation is the gateway for many opportunities and benefits. It is also essential for your business strategy.

11 Nov,2019

ERP 4.0 - Future of Business on Cloud

The companies without having right technology are going to see a tough competition in the near future. ERP vendors have been following the industry trends to develop & design the products to stay competitive in the market. On the other hand, enterprises are looking the best ERP suits for their businesses to meet their customers’ expectations.

30 Oct,2019

Building a Credible Website

Website is the digital portrayal of your business. Branding is essential to drive the business and generate sales. Online branding starts with website, social media presence and other activities. Website is the best medium to showcase your services online to your customers and it represents brand value and capabilities.

10 Sep,2019

Digital Transformation: How to improve customer experience

Many organizations are gradually focusing on the importance of customer experience. These enterprises have been focusing on good customer experience by adopting leveraging technologies.