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Accelerate Growth With Mobile Apps

Mobile App Development

Mobile apps are a competitive advantage as it expands the reach to your target customers. You will miss out good potential customers, if you have not planned for mobile apps strategy.

Reports suggest that the number of mobile app users in the world is likely to touch 5 billion by 2019 and number of smartphone users to reach 2.6 billion. Mobile apps not only connect you to your customers directly from anywhere, it also steers your business towards growth with proper brand promotion, increases visibility, better customer engagement.

We have the technical expertise and design sense to make your idea a success. Our experts will take you through the whole process starting from conceptualizing your idea into submission to App stores. We will make sure that your app will look great to users and work flawlessly.

Let's Turn your idea into a Success

Although Gartner figures are quite huge and mobility is certainly where the audience is moving - there should be appropriate strategy and readines for customer engagement and retention, as the app will be successful based on its adoption and usage.

In another report, Gartner does points out here that - even though mobile app downloads is going to be huge in the coming years, but mobile app usage mellows still now.

Want to build a mobile app that brings success to your business? Contact us. We were nominated for 2015 SVBA Awards for building Local Marketplace Mobile App.

different types of apps

Mobile devices and the apps are becoming an integral part of how we stay informed, how we communicate, how we work and how we grow. We have developed various types of mobile apps, catering to different industry needs.

  • Portals (sourcing information from web)
  • Utility Apps
  • Social Networking Apps
  • Shopping & Retail Apps
  • Enterprise Apps
  • Marketplace Apps
  • Productivity and Planning Apps
  • Other custom apps
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  • Mobile Application Development
  • Mobile Commerce and Payment Solutions
  • Enterprise Mobile Solutions
  • GPS & Google Map Integration
  • Application Migration & Security
  • Integrate Cloud/Webservices
  • App Advertising & Purchases
  • Mobile Websites


Mobile app development


We develop mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows mobile app platforms.
We follow the usual project development process to develop a mobile app and the process flow only varies based on how many steps it is. Our focus is majorly on the interface and the user experience, as we need to make sure that your customers are happy with navigations and overall experience.
Sure. We will be glad to. We will request the required content for your mobile app and then we will help you to launch the app in the respective app stores. All you need to do is create developer accounts in respective app stores, which will allow you to publich your mobile apps.
To publish apps into Apple mobile app store, you need to create an Apple account with developer license (USD 99/year). It will take 15 days to activate your account and then you can publish your apps. For Android marketplace (or Google Playstore), you will need to create a developer account in Android market (USD 25). You can then upload your mobile app which should get approval in few hours.