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Data Visualization

Dashboard Management

Dashboards are vital when it comes to monitoring the progress of the business or knowing the KPIs (key performance indicators). If you would like to gauge the progress you made in your business, you must need a single platform, in other words a ‘dashboard,’ which would give you all the details in graphical forms and charts. The KPIs will help you to take business decisions, and the information through the dashboard would help to know the real-time scenario and to take decisions accordingly.

We develop dashboards after thoroughly understanding your business process and model. Our dashboards are very intuitive and interactive. The visualization of the dashboards will give you a clear idea about the process and its progress. Benefits of Dashboard Visualization:

  • Better monitoring
  • Taking decisions
  • Finding efficiencies/inefficiencies
  • Helps Business Intelligence
  • Accurate Data

Healthcare Dashboard

The dashboards in the healthcare management are vital because it carries the information about the medical condition of the patient. And, which help the doctors and medical practitioners to decide the further course of medication.

We have developed a dashboard in the preventive healthcare for an institution to monitor the health of the students. The users of the applications are able to access the dashboard, which contains all the vital signs of the students. The users having their respective roles can monitor these vital signs and mention their comments to their respective fields. The dashboard provided all the important information in a graphical manner for easy understanding of the user.

  • Teachers of the school, Parents and Doctors
  • Application will draw the attention of the parents
  • School administration updates parents on the progress
  • Parents can discuss with Doctors about child’s health