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Women’s Day Special: Role of Women in IT Sector

Learnitude Technologies celebrated International Women’s Day on March 8 at its premises by organizing a session on the role of women in the IT sector. The team joined the session and appreciated the efforts made by women in the tech industry and dedicated this special day to the women working in the technology sector.

Traditionally, the technology sector has been a predominantly made industry. But, the changes are visible; the tag of being dominated by the male has been losing its ground as more and more women are joining the IT industry taking up challenging tasks. In the IT industry, the hiring of women is 238 percent faster than man.

Director of Learnitude Technologies, Mrs. Priyanka Panda said that when it comes to coding, women could also contribute like other fellow men coders. Women are more capable and efficient in working in the tech industry. Many women achieved top position in many IT companies proving their talent. She added that successful women leaders in the tech industry are the real inspiration for the aspirants and it will motivate them that they can do everything.

Participating in the discussion, Titiksha Mohanty said the 21 century is the era for women and they are equal to men in all the fields. Even, women are performing better than man. They carry their dreams in their heart, possess the intense passion towards everything they do, manage their families to the highest perfection level like no one can take such care for their family. They outshine in each and every field from space technology to becoming a taxi driver. They have no bounds and no limits. The word "Mother" defines women and her greatness; she is pure, beautiful and lively. Proud to be a woman and salute to every woman.

Speaking on the occasion, Maneesha Samantray said every man is born from a woman. A woman plays multiple roles at the same time. She is a daughter, a friend, a professional, a daughter-in-law, a mother, a wife and a sister So, we should respect each and every woman. We must appreciate their efforts, which she does to keep all happy.

Sradhanjali Nayak said that a woman is behind every successful man and it’s almost impossible to get success in life without a support of a woman. There could be lots of problems and obstacles in life. A woman always tries to solve those with great patience.

Sagarika Muduli said that women are giving tough competition to men in the IT industry too. Of late, women are accepting more challenging tasks like men in all the fields. Being happy is the best nature that you’d find in every woman.