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Why you need ERP Mobility for your business?

ERP mobility is the latest trend to keep your business on the right track. If you are using ERP Solutions then you are just on the halfway mark towards your success. ERP solutions help you to run your business in the most effective manner, irrespective of the size of your business.

All you need is to choose the right ERP software or ERP System for your business depending on the type of your business. When it comes to considering Odoo for your business, it has more than 4,000 modules those would directly fit into your business model.

The module in the ERP software can be customized as per your requirement and your business flow. Understanding the application is much easier, like learning new things in your mobile or gadget.

The modules like -human resources management, logistics management, manufacturing, sales, invoice, warehouse, project management, accounting & finance, e-commerce, and much more would be right fit your business model.

Small businesses and enterprises, most need the ERP application in order to organize and streamline their business. The enterprises are not able to generate more revenue because of these two things.

When it to comes to having an EPR mobility, it is just like a win-win situation for the business houses. Of late, companies and business enterprises have been looking for the ERP mobility solutions, which will help them increase their sales in big numbers. The ERP mobility solutions will help them to provide greater customer relationship management (CRM).

The mobile subscribers have been increasing rapidly across the world and companies & enterprise have been trying to reach to the customer through their mobile numbers. On the other hand, these companies also trying to capitalize the use of the mobile technology to increase sales and streamline their businesses.

Here are the five advantages of using mobile ERP applications:


  1. Productivity: You can increase the productivity of your company as well as of your employees by using the mobile ERP solutions. Mobile applications are being used widely in all most businesses such as logistics, e-commerce, manufacturing, travel, etc., by using the mobile ERP application, you can track the activities of your employees and monitor the status of the assigned task, which will not only increase the productivity but also save your time and money.
  2. Sales & Marketing: ERP mobile app will help sales and marketing people in many ways. When you are planning to increase your sales or marketing strategy, then you could focus on a mobile application, which will help you to streamline the entire operations. Your sales team can get the details of the customers on their mobile, which will help them to take decisions on sales calls and working on the leads. Even, your team can access the dashboard from the remote location, and they can present fact and figures more smartly.
  3. Quality of Service: Mobile ERP app will help you to improve your sales. When it comes to managing customers both after sale customers and prospective customers, the application will support your business in many ways. It will result in improving your services including post-sale services.
  4. Data Capture: the mobile application will help you to capture the data like never before. Data plays an important role in defining the success of your business. Of late, companies have been adopting big data and data mining to find the strategies for future business growth. Mobile application of your business can give you the data of your customers and their taste.
  5. Production & Operations: You can effectively manage the process of production and operation in an efficient way through the mobile ERP application. The process can be streamlined by having an integrated mobile application with your ERP software. Mobile applications can help manufacturing companies in many ways like controlling the entire production process from a remote location and managing the team working at the manufacturing plant.   

There are many advantages of using ERP software and ERP mobile application for your business. In order to sync with the technological advancement, you need to change your business management style by adopting the latest applications and solutions, those will not only help you to streamline your process, but also give help you to boost your sales.

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