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Why should Business Owners adopt Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing or data-driven marketing is a process to market your services and products online using digital technology. You need to show your business on all the digital platforms, where you could find your target audience and customers. Digital marketing is not only to sell your stuff online but, to attract more and more customers to your company’s website, blog or mobile app.

Simply having a website, a blog or some social media accounts of your business will not work for you to generate higher ROI (return on investment) or revenue. In order to get the higher sales, revenue, you need to focus on the digital marketing activities, which involve a consistent approach for a long time.  

Generally, business owners take the word ‘digital marketing’ on a lighter note rather than considering it as an integrated marketing strategy. Most of the business owners do want to know more about the digital marketing and how it is going to have an impact on their business. Of late, it is very easy to find your customers on digital platforms; you can access their information and get their reviews and feedback.

Here we have come up with five myths about digital marketing.

1. Not for Big Business: In general, business owners believe that digital marketing is only for small businesses. In fact, the big businesses need digital marketing more that of small & medium businesses. Your presence on the digital platforms will give you better results. And, to be visible on these platforms you need to adopt digital marketing techniques.

2. Not a Part of Marketing Strategy: It is a general myth that digital marketing is not a part of the marketing strategy. In fact, it should be one of the marketing techniques of your organization. If you are following a traditional marketing (push marketing) then also, you need to consider digital marketing (pull marketing) into your strategy for better results. Your online presence will enhance your traditional marketing and help you in promoting your brand.

3. You Need Huge Traffic for success: Huge traffic does not mean that your business is successful. What you need is quality visitors to your website than the number of visits. There is fair chance that you will have higher bounce rate if you don't have quality content on your website. Having higher bounce rate is another problem, which will hamper your ranking and visibility on search engines. Few prospective customers on your site will have a huge impact on your online business. You need to focus on types of customers landing on your site and you can channelize the digital marketing process accordingly to get better results.

4. No result from SEO: Many business owners feel that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will not be useful for their business. If you are one among them, then you are wrong. SEO can work wonders for your business and it is the best technique to improve your visibility on search engines. You need to use the right techniques in order to stay remain on the top of SERP. In order to get spontaneous results, many business owners follow ‘black hat’ SEO techniques and ultimately they suffer the loss. You can follow ‘white hat’ techniques for your business, have some patience, you will get the right results and good ranking in the search engines.  

5. Content is Not Important: It is another myth that content is not required for digital marketing. You need to have very good content to share with your readers. Without content, your digital marketing approach is incomplete. Content is the key to maintain engagement with your customers. Fresh content on your website or blog will draw the attention of your customers and readers, which they could also share on social media sites. And you can share the content with your customers through email and on social media handles in order to engage with your customers and readers.

You can adopt digital marketing for your business, which will give you the organic traffic to your website. Digital marketing will help you in promoting your brand and generate sales. You can use the techniques like – SEO, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Optimization, and Social Media Marketing, email marketing, display advertising and content marketing.