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Top 10 file management modules in Drupal

Drupal is an open source web development platform to built online content management systems and communities. With an extensive and scalable architecture, Drupal offers the best tools and security to developers. It’s one of the safest web development platforms which offer multiple users to browse content on a website, with specific authorization levels.

Today we’re discussing Drupal’s file management modules and we picked up 10 best modules in file management. File management modules provide features on how the files in Drupal based websites are been uploaded or downloaded by users. Let’s see what the best file management modules are –

IMCE – IMCE is a file/image uploader-cum-browser, which supports directories. Some of the major features of IMCE include basic file uploading and deleting, image editing options, sharing file folders with users, directory navigation like FTP, file sorting options and inserting images into content.

FileField – If your website is dealing with large numbers of data and all are of big sizes, then FileField is a must use module for you. This module is mostly adopted when people introduce Podcasts into their sites, which actually contain large numbers of videos and audios.

ImageField – While working on CCK-Drupal based websites, ImageField module provides the option to add image field. With this module, developers find it easy to implement features like multiple images, image resolution, and thumbnail view.

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Media – If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution to handle media assets in your Drupal based website, then Media module is what you’re looking for. With an extensible framework, Media module provides management file and multimedia elements on your website. It is mostly referred as the “file browser of the web” as it is independent of self or 3rd party hosting.

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Image – Image module allows developers to upload images into Drupal, but with proper permissions. As you upload images through this module, thumbnails and size options will come around automatically. The images can be grouped at one place, inserted into stories or featured on the Homepage. With the Image module, you can also go for more add-ons like Image Gallery, Image Attach or Image Import.

Embedded Media Field – Want to insert third party videos, images or podcasts into your website! Try the Embedded Media Field module, which when installed will automatically determine the third party content provider and display the video, audio or podcast in the proper format.

AudioField – Want to insert only audios into your website, then the AudioField module provides you the option to do that and also provides to choose among some audio players to play your audio. Currently, AudioField is supporting 6 audio players and some of them are XSPF Slim Player, XSPF Button Player, Soundmanager2 or FlowPlayer.

Image FUpload – Want to upload multiple images with just one click! Then try the Image FUpload module, which enables the users to select multiple images at once, for uploading. As per the permissions levels, users can upload images to the website. All the specific fields related to an image like title, body, category can be edited at once.

IMCE Crop – IMCE Crop module provides the option to crop images among your file management tasks. Assuming that you’ve installed the IMCE, the IMCE Crop installation will add a Crop field to your image uploading dashboard.

Comment Upload – If you’re using Facebook, then you might’ve known that you can attach images inside Comments. Well, this is a kind of same things. But here you can upload videos, audio or images into those comments.

Other than these, there are also many other modules which are basically required during Drupal development. We’ll soon discuss those in our future blog posts. To know more about our web development technologies and projects, visit us at Learnitude Technologies