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Tips for startups to launch Minimum Viable Products - MVPs

Everybody has an idea and everyone wants to launch a product. If you are a startup and planning to launch your product, then you are right place to know, how it would benefit you and what precautions you need to take to avoid failure.

 According to a study conducted by the Harvard Business School more than 75 percent of startups fail. We say most of the startup fail because of their failure in developing the product and launching in the market. We have been working with startups and helping them to reach to the market and investors with their Minimum Viable Products (MVPs). 

We would recommend you to launch your MVPs prior to building 100 percent product. This will help you to get into your business with the product having basic features. This will help you to reach to your customer and you can get feedback from them about the MVP and its functionalities.

By launching the MVP, you can pitch to prospective investors. This will help you to define your product and complete idea in real time scenario.  

Why Startups Fail?

Focusing on Successful Business: Being an entrepreneur, you’d like to take inspiration from successful business models.  It is obvious that all the successful business models would inspire you to launch your product in the market. It happens to all the people, you are not exception to it. But, the major thing you miss here is, the not considering the stories of the failure business models. What you are seeing are a few of the business enterprises from a list of failed business models. There could be lots of entrepreneurs, those failed and closed their business units as like many startups are doing, of late. It is also important to focus on the failed startups and their mistakes. It will help you not to repeat the same mistakes of the failed startups. If you would like to make your venture a successful one, try to know the mistakes of other startups and find solutions to their mistakes.

Cash Crunch: It is a critical scenario for startups and news businesses to have negative cash flow. Most of the startups fail because of the cash crunch as they could not meet their operational and other expenses. In the startup industry, this scenario is being referred as ‘Valley of Death.” Most of the startups do not find investors in the first three years and could not sustain.

Focusing on Idea: Most of the startups focus only on their ideas without thinking about the other activities they need to carry out.  But, they fail because there are many other factors need to be considered besides focusing on the idea alone. Startups and business houses need to consider other factors to make their business successful. Rather, you can start implementing the idea into reality. If you are still hanging on with your concept, then your startup may lose the race.

 How we help you to launch your MVP?

You need three things to make a successful startup – Technology team, MVP and funding. A good team with technology expertise is the great resources for your success. With the team you can put your idea into reality. You need a product to pitch to investors and reach to customers. And, also funding from your investors to develop the product and sustain until your product becomes a hit.

 Our expertise & Your Idea: We have been working with startups and emerging enterprises in developing product development solutions for them. We worked with startups in the verticals like healthcare, logistics, finance and education to launch the MVPs. Of late, these products have been getting the attention of the prospective investors. We are proud to be a part of their success in developing the world-class product for our clients. We were with our clients through every state of the development from concept to reality.

Team & Resources: We understand startup ecosystem very well.  If you are planning to launch a product then you need a right team with technology expertise to build your product. We have expertise of working with various startups providing them the right team and technology guidance. We work with startups in various models including as a ‘technology partner’ and providing ‘technology team’ for them to build their product. We help you to launch your MVP without hiring a team or having an office space. You can count on us to build you MVP and go to the market, investors and customers.

Design & Development: We take care of your product’s design and development. We have been helping startups in designing and developing their product as per their expectations. We focus on the UI/UX of your products to make it more effective in terms of functionality and ‘look & feel.’  You just share your concept and our team will deliver you the exact products to you.

Improvement & Customization: We believe in long-term relationship, so our support continues during post deployment of your application. Our key mantra is there always room for improvement – so, we customize and improve your product as per the expectation and feedback. We strive to improve your MVP by implementing the new features and making the UX changes.  

Cost effective & Best ROI: We take our business seriously and want startups to follow the same path. We aim to build MVPs for startups, which will be cost effective and could help them to get high ROI. We know startup ecosystem and the budget. We offer our services to startups to launch their MVP with the limited budget they have. We can provide you the best solutions and team to launch your MVP within your budget.

If you are planning to launch your product, do write to us. We will help you to understand the market and technological aspects you need to focus for the development.  Pitch your ideas to us and our team will help you taking a decision in regard to your product development.  We have been working various startups and we know startup ecosystem and you can count on us.