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Singapore’s Manufacturing Sector: A big Prospect for ERP Market

According to the data released by the Economic Development Board (EDB) Singapore on Monday (Feb 26), manufacturing sector’s output is increased by 17.9 percent in January 2018 compared to the last year's data. This is a good sign that the manufacturing sector is booming in the country and the performance of electronic companies is driving the growth. Month-on-month basis the manufacturing output increased by 6.7 percent in January 2018 and electronic output increased by 32.4 percent.

This is a good indication that the manufacturing sector in Singapore is on track and booming gradually.  The manufacturing companies are having a very complex process of producing goods. The technological advancement and digitization are in full swing in the country, however, further adoption of technologies like cloud ERP solutions will help micro and small enterprises to join the bandwagon.

The cloud ERP is the best fit software for every sort of companies in the manufacturing sector. These companies irrespective of their size and business face day-to-day challenges in operations, production, and supply chain. The ERP software will help these companies to automate their process further in order to save their time and cut the operations expenses.

The manufacturing companies can effectively use the cloud ERP application to increase the productivity and efficiency. It will help them to manage the manufacturing orders, work orders, unbilled orders and repair orders. These companies can manage their entire operations through a single application.

The manufacturing process involves the most complex process in scheduling and planning production. With having the application in place, the companies can find it much easier in performing certain tasks like plan manufacturing, organizing work orders, managing the bill of materials and scheduling the work centers. Besides, the manufacturing ERP will help the companies in managing their maintenance and quality checks activities effectively.

Of late, many companies are taking the advantage by implementing the right kind of technologies in their operations and process. By simplifying the manufacturing process, these companies are saving time and money. There is a big scope for the ERP software implementation in the manufacturing sector in Singapore.

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