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Selected to Exhibit Learnitude Technologies at SURGE 2016 Alpha Class

We are glad to announce that we are selected to exhibit at the SURGE 2016 event in Alpha Class, to be held in the month of February in Bengaluru, India. SURGE Conference is an initiative to bring together creative minds, entrepreneurs, enterprise owners, successful co-founders, investors, customers and media under a single roof.

The SURGE Conference is having its first conference in India and we thank you the SURGE team for selecting us for this event. The selection of young enterprises and startups out of thousands of entries is not easy and we are proud that we are among the few young bloods who are selected for this international level event.

The program for the class of 2016 starts from February and continues long after the event. We’re now part of a truly global community of incredible entrepreneurs, some of whom will build era-defining companies.

In the coming weeks, SURGE will be making an official announcement of our inclusion to the SURGE 2016 Alpha Class.

As we have been following in our culture – Meet, Present and Learn. We will be continuing the same at SURGE 2016 where we will be meeting co-founders of different successful startups, wannabees, investors and customers with our portfolio and a wide range of services.

The other purpose of attending this event is to Recharge and Repurpose the efforts behind Learnitude Technologies. We have been putting good efforts for better services and delivery and its time that we reach people with the results of our efforts.

Quick Quote: This life is but a journey and we are also part of this journey and many a times the journey itself is the destination and more interesting than the destination!