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See How ERP Software helps Clinics to Manage Patients

Learnitude Technologies has been developing efficient business solutions for enterprises and making this business process more productive and seamless. We aim to achieve the success that our clients dream of.

We take our jobs seriously in order to deliver you the best application that helps you to grow and expand your horizon.  We developed many solutions for our clients belong to different sectors such as – logistics, travel, clinical management, startups, healthcare management, manufacturing, education, e-commerce., etc.

We have expertise in building best ERP Software that fits into your business model and your requirements. We have many satisfied clients those are using the application built by us and expanding their business.

Keeping your requirement for your business, we build application those are powered by open source technology. We develop the Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications in Odoo framework.

Of late, we are among the IT companies in the Asian region, those are delivering efficient ERP & CRM solutions for startups and emerging enterprises.  Our applications not only help you to streamline and automate your process, but these also help you to generate more revenue by increasing your productivity.

 We would like to share our experience of developing ERP Software for a client in the healthcare sector and how the application helped the same to transform their business model. We developed ERP software for a clinic providing treatments in the skin care segment.

Business Model of the Clinic

We developed ERP application for a clinic which has been providing treatment for skin diseases. The clinic has been following standard operations of a client such as dealing with patients, having indoor doctors for consultation, providing medication, treatment (surgical & non-surgical), and tracking the progress of the patient post treatment process. It has normal business activities as like any other medical institutions.

Managing a clinic could be a daunting task, but having an efficient application makes your job much easier.

Modules Development & Impact

We developed following modules for the clinic.

Kiosk Based Patient Registration:

We developed a module to manage the patient visits and counseling with doctors. Many patients do visit to the client to get treatment for their skin diseases. Prior to developing an application, the clinic used to follow the patient registration process manually.

The module has been developed to cater to the client for effective patient management. The patient registration starts at the reception a user will create a unique number for each of the patients. In this process, another user, the indoor doctors can see the patient registration and their numbers. The doctor will follow the number sequence to counsel each of the patients visited the clinic. The user at the reception and doctor can see their updates.    

The patient registration has been effective ever since the application is put in place. We integrated the two systems in this application for the patient registration.  The system used at the reception is powered by PHP while the doctor’s system by Odoo, which is a tablet version of the application.

The application is also useful to manage appointments and timing schedule of the doctors. It helped the clinic having an effective and seamless system in patient registration.

Point of Sale (POS) Module:

In order to make the billing process much easier, the clinic started using the Point of Sale (POS) module. The process has become streamlined and seamless after the application is being installed the clinic.

The module has been effective in generating the proper bill and maintaining the transaction history. This is a post consultation process for the patients, those pay for the services they used. At the counter, a user will generate invoices, bills and receives the payments for the same. The user will be able to choose the payment method while taking payments from the patients.

The application will update the accounts and inventory modules as soon as a transaction takes place in the POS module.  The updates will reflect in the integrated modules.

Extra Features the Clinic has in this module:

·         Points System: We have integrated another feature of Points System in the POS module. Patients will be getting points against their payments, and they can redeem their points in the next invoice or payment cycle. The patients have the flexibility to share their points with fellow patients, if they want to help them by sharing their points. The points of the patient can be redeemed during the process of invoicing.

·         Discounts: There was another feature of allowing discounts on the invoices of the patients. During the process of generating the invoice, patients used to get the discounts.

Sales Module:

By using the sales module of the application, the clinic streamlines the sales department. Being a medical institution, the clinic has effectively used the application for its sales. Through the application, it retrieved the data on sales and items are being sold during a certain period. That helped the client to forecast the sales and target the particular segment that has been getting more sales.

We have configured the sales process with inventory as it’s a medical unit and the core sales are medicines and its services. Inventory management has been effective to take the stock of the medicines it has for the patients. We also integrated all the sales channels in this module, so that the client would be able to point out particular sales channels from where it is getting the most sales and revenue. Similarly, when a sale takes place it updates other modules such as accounting and the inventory.

The application helped the client to understand the complete process and the cycle of the sales.

Warehouse Management:

Keeping a buffer stock is most for medical units. And this also a healthy practice of CRM, when you are dealing with the patients. Our application has helped the clinic to keep stock of medicines and other lab items.

It has been dealing with the skin diseases, so most of the ointments and injects are in huge demand. The warehouse module helped the client to target to high demand medicines and services. It also helped to chalk out business strategy following the updates of warehouse module.

The module not only helped the client to streamline its stock, but also helped to get rid of expired medicines and old stock. The module also shows the number of medicines and their expiry date.

Tracking stocks are crucial and when it comes to medial units it is highly mandatory to retrieve the information in fractions of seconds. Within on click the user will come to know about the stock position and its quantity. If the quantity is low from there a Purchase order can be generated.

Purchase Order Module:

The application comprised of purchase order. The clinic has been purchasing material, medicines, equipments and resources from various vendors. Prior to the deployment of the application, the purchasing process was quite a tedious task. But, after the deployment of the ERP application, the purchase order has become much easier.

The module helped to keep the information of all the vendors at a place and they can put an order to a selective vendor with one click. It will generate the order with one click. And the same thing can be done from the inventory module.

All the information about the products and purchase order, one can track in this module. The clinical staff managed the purchase order for the procurement without wasting time in visiting the vendors and selecting the products they want to order. It helped to save time as well as money.

Human Resources Module:

The clinic has strengthened the administration by adopting the human resource module in the application. The module helped the clinical staff to keep a tab on the muster roll, attendance records, and managing shift duties, leave management, timesheet and hiring process. Prior to the implementing of the application, there was manual process of handling the human resources.

Patient Records:

The application helped the clinical staff to maintain a database of the patients. They also saved the electronic data of the respective patients for reference. The medical history, prescriptions and vital sign records are being stored.

The patient profile in the application will carry the all the information about the concerned patient. Doctors and users can retrieve the data of the patient for reference. In medical institutions, the data of patients are sensitive, so in order to maintain privacy, access has been given to few users in the application and download of the data is subject to approval from the HoD.

Terms & Conditions:

Prior to the commencement of the treatment, both doctors and patients need to agree to the terms and conditions of the clinic. In order to make this effective without fail, we integrated the application asking users for their consent to the mentioned terms and conditions.

The ERP Software helped the clinic to expand its business and horizon. If you’d like to implement such application for your business, please do write to us. We will help you to build world class solutions for your business.

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