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Open Source is an Engine of Innovation

Open source technology has been at the centre stage of the business technology industry. It has been accepted widely by the  software companies across the world. According to a survey, almost two-third of software companies has been contributing to open source. Not only that, the companies encourage the developers to contribute to open-source projects.The adoption of the open source technology by companies has increased by five per cent compared to the last year’s survey results.

The open source has been powering technology like Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, Cloud and operating systems. On the other hand, open source companies have been compelling solutions to the market. Because of the competitive advantage, many small companies accepting the open source technology.
The open source software has become the driving force of innovations. Today, there are many successful products those were made by using the open source technology. The Linux Operating system is one of the successful open source products, using this developer can innovate many things. In the field of mobile applications, the open source operating system for mobile devices – Android has brought a revolutionary change.
The use of smartphones and mobile application is one sharp rise only because of the open source technology which is free of cost to use. And, this gives a scope for innovations.
The advantages of the open source technology like cost effective and free vendor lock-in,  give a room for innovation.