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Open Source ERP redefines Success

The contribution from open source technologies for successful enterprises, startups and innovators are not just limited to cost effectiveness or scalability. Open source technologies are implemented beyond the boundaries of imagination to address real-time business problems and solve them effectively. Business productivity, efficient operations and marketing advantage over the competitors are just a few where open source applications and implementations are already winning.

We endorse open source technologies, as we aim to empower the SMEs and Startups with equivalent tools to achieve sustainable growth with right technology support from our tools. Open Source ERP Solutions have been successfully replacing conventional ERP systems without affecting the current process and in fact helping the customers to reduce operational costs, monitor performance and focus on improving greyed areas.

User experience, appropriate data mapping, exhaustive analytical reporting and better decision making are some of the key areas where the ERP should focus and could be a differentiator. We have been working on Open Source technologies and our ERP Solutions not only includes the standard modules of an enterprise application, it also allows to customize them as per the customers’ needs.

The operational structure of SMEs & Startups keep changing and accommodating to those changes will be the key to success for your Open Source ERP solutions. We always try to understand the entire business operation of your company and mark the points which have volatility. With regards to that, we build, customize and implement our open source ERP solutions which can accommodate future changes in order to make sure that your business runs smoothly without major impact.

Customized ERP products help business owners to easily manage  the fundamental operations like inventory, warehouse, purchase, human resource, accounting, finance, and many others. Our clients have achieved breakthrough in vendor management like never before, by using customized ERP solutions.

Of late, enterprises like SMEs and startups have been adopting open source ERP products. There are big players in the market like spending huge money on marketing their products, but the free software makes its roots in such enterprises, because of free and no licencing hassles. As per online reports and surveys, the adoption rate of open source solutions is growing rapidly around the world and will certainly surpass the demand for conventional ERP solutions.

Open source technology has been the core when it comes to the attention of venture capitalists. Many tech startups have been funded by venture capitalists as well as strategic investors. The technology touches the streams like financial accounting and human resources, those are the core in terms of making an enterprise successful. Most of the SMEs and startups have started depending on open source technology for financial accounting and human resources management.


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