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Key Takeaways from Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) 2017

The three-day Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) 2017 was concluded recently. CEO & Cofounder of Learntiude Technologies Mr. Saswat Kumar Panda attended the mega event in Hyderabad, the city of pearls.

The icons like Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi and US President Donald Trump's daughter and advisor Ms. Ivanka Trump inaugurated the 8th GES event in Hyderabad on November 28. For the first time, this event was organized in South Asia. The theme of GES 2017 was Women First, Prosperity for All. This mega event was organized by Government of United State of America and NITI Aayog.


Women First


For Learnitudue Technologies, the theme was a good fit as in 2016 we had celebrated women empowerment and felicitated women achievers event with reputed industry body – World Trade Centre Bhubaneswar. This year, Learnitude Technologies was selected to attend the event GES 2017 with having a theme to empower women entrepreneurs.

Priyanka Panda, Cofounder & Director (Technology) of Learnitude Technologies, works in the capacity of a trainer, mentor, architect and engineering lead for critical projects of the company. She has several success stories with an end-to-end implementation of products and solutions of the clients from time to time. She was recognized by the WTC Bhubaneswar for her achievements as an entrepreneur and women achiever. We do believe that in women empowerment and it is must for prosperity.

Business Networking:

Networking is a must for companies to expand their business and reach. AT GES 2017, we had a good networking with eminent business leaders and discussed many possibilities with them. Mr. Saswat has a decent approach during his network meetings. What makes him differ from others business leaders is he is not the guy who speaks about business and work only during interactions. 

Mr. Saswat is also a good speaker; he recently invited by prominent news channel ET Now for a show ‘Leaders of Tomorrow’ in Bhubaneswar. Besides that, he also inspired many MBA students to choose entrepreneurship as a career goal during an event. 

We have a tradition of inspiring youth and budding entrepreneurs, recently, Mr. Smruti Ranjan Mahamansingh, Cofounder & Director, shared his views and inspired management students.

GES 2017 was a mega event that helped us to learn many things during the business network like learning about the culture and traditions of few entrepreneurs, we met.


Technology a great driver of entrepreneurship, empowers women: Ivanka Trump

AT GES 2017, we found it’s a friendly environment as technology and women are the core concept of the event. We do believe in the quote of Ms. Ivanka Trump that “technology is a great driver of entrepreneurship and it empowers women.” Being an IT company with having a presence in the cities like Bhubaneswar – number one smart city in India - and Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, we believe in right kind of technology is a key to grow for companies. We are working with companies, industries, startups and providing them the right kind of technologies they are looking for the software product development. We have worked with many women entrepreneurs as well and our experience says that they understand the technology better and implemented properly.



At GES 2017, we come across many companies with special and significant innovations. Being innovative is the key matra for success in this digital age. Companies with innovating approach leading the world today. We met many such companies during the networking and came know how the innovation brought life into their product and became a key factor for the success.


Startup Ecosystem

The startup ecosystem has been gaining momentum in the country. It is witnessed from the GES 2017 that many entrepreneurs are working towards building startup ecosystem across the globe. We started as a startup six years back in 2011 and we transformed into a leading software exporter of late. We are one of the recognized startups in India by DIPP.  Being an IT company we have been working with startups helping them to develop MVPs.

It was a great experience to be at the GES 2017 summit with as many as entrepreneurs from across the world. Business networking was the best part of the event where we have exchanged our views with other leaders.