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India to become world’s fastest-growing mobile app market

India is on a path to become world’s fastest-growing mobile app market in the year to come. As the government of India has been trying to make the country as a favourable destination for startups through its flagship programme ‘Make in India’. The programme has been very successful gaining confidence of the business world and investors. The credit rating agency Moodys’ also praised the government’s initiative ‘Make in India’. The mobile app market in India is likely to grow in 2016 following the initiative of the government and growth in mobility industry.

The telecom sector and mobility industry have been growing rapidly. However, 2015, was not not promising for the mobility industry in terms of broadband internet subscribers. The infrastructure has been the major challenge in this sector, particularly in rural India. In contradiction, Mobile Internet subscription saw a rapid growth in 2015 with the existing 2G plans.

The scenario is going to change in 2016 with the introduction of 4G services in urban areas and 3G in rural areas. Many major companies have rolled our 4G connection in cities. The concept of ‘Smart Cities’ by  the government is certainly going to boost the mobile connectivity and Wi-Fi usage. Whereas, programmes like Make in India, Digital India and Stand Up India, are aimed to improve the infrastructure in the rural parts.

It is expected that with these developments, the number mobile internet users will increase rapidly in 2016 giving a major push to m-commerce in India. The number of smartphone users is likely to rise in 2016 due to the introduction of 4G services.

On the contrary, the e-commerce segment will continue to drive the change in consumers buying behaviour and further move up in growth trajectory. With the growth in the telecom and mobility industry, the e-commerce is also likely to grow, which will have a positive impact on the services like digital payments, collaborations and communication.

The overall growth scenario is an indication of growth in the mobile apps market in India. Other factors of pushing the mobile app market are startups, financial institution and traditional companies – those are doing their best to keep up with the fast changing times.