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Importance of JavaScript in Web Application Development

JavaScript is one of the powerful and flexible programming languages. It is one of the core technologies of World Wide Web. It is popular among developers as JS. The programming language is essential for developing web applications.

You can easily develop web applications using the JavaScript. According to 2018 Stack Overflow survey, it is voted as the most popular language by developers.

Implementation of JavaScript in Web Development:


You can create the most dynamic and interactive web pages using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It is the best programming language to develop beautiful front-end development. JavaScript codes are the important elements to develop websites, especially when it comes to handling user inputs and validation.


You can use JavaScript to develop back-end of the web application. Developers prefer to use Node.Js for the web development. It helps to increase the performance of front-end and web application.  Back-end development is very important as you can control entire apps using it.

Web Apps

You can use the programming language – JavaScript to develop web applications. These web apps are nothing but a better form of the website with many features which allow us to perform certain tasks. It is very useful in the case of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), just like mobile apps. PWAs can be installed on mobile and can be accessed through the home screen. There are many frameworks come with the JavaScript - ExpressJS, React, AngularJS and Vues.js etc.   

Mobile Apps

JavaScript was created for client-side. But you can use the language in a dynamic way to implement in many areas. You can develop hybrid mobile apps using CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and PhoneGap. You can use another framework – Ionic for the cross-platform mobile app development. PhoneGap will work as a connector between the mobile device and the web application codes.

Besides the web apps development, the language can also be used in Deep Learning and Machine Learning (ML). TensorFlow.js is being used by the developers in ML, whereas in deep learning, the libraries -  brain.js, ConvNetJS, deeplearn.js – are very useful.

JavaScript is getting very magical and now the language is being widely used by the developers to create the best web and mobile applications.

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