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How you define a Customer Centric Model?

Regardless of being a B2B or B2C company, your clients are your end-customers and it really matters how you put your customer in your customer centric model. Most of the companies around, write that “we believe in customer centricity”. We do and it reflects in Our Principles page. But the question is how do you define your customer-centric model?

As per our principles and vision, we keep our customers in the center. Because it’s where we can understand their business processes very well.

Before you define business strategies for your customers, you need to analyze your products and services first. What you offer and who is your target? Whether you take your targets as sources or priorities?

When you keep your customers in the center, it is expected that you must know the target audience for your products and services. It’s where the business intelligence comes into play and it is when you suggest the customers what’s best for them. In a business model, when the customer is in the center; the priority is always the customer and innovation is the key. In this model, you need to know your customers and you’ve to come up with innovative ideas to help them grow.

Defining your customer-centered business model requires a lot of research work, to know the market trends, customer behavior, trending technologies and standard methods of implementation.

Some of the well-known companies have positioned the customers either in the bottom or top of their business model. In these case customers are either top priorities or the source of your business. So when you start a business, you need to understand where and why you’re keeping a customer in a certain level.