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How to choose right and economical ERP for Business

It is an overwhelming task for you to choose a right and economical ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning) for your business. ERP is the integrated management of core business processes, often in real-time and mediated by software and technology. It helps you in achieving higher productivity and operational excellence.

Of late, many vendors have been offering ERP solutions and each of these applications is a good fit for the concerned business model. You need to figure out which application suits to your business model. You shouldn’t take the decision lightly or without analyzing all the aspects. Since ERP Software should be a transformational business initiative, which will provide the competitive advantages to your business.

We have come up with this blog post to help you out in selecting the best ERP software, which would be a good fit for your business as well as economical.

Business Requirements: It is highly essential to know your requirements. In other words, what you are expecting from the ERP System or what sort of changes it will bring into your business. You must plan first after analyzing and review your concerns and challenges. If you are convinced with the vendor’s commitment that the software application would bring a transformation into your business, then you can choose an ERP Software application. Prior to that, you need to documents your plan over proposed implementation of the application – how it will address your pain, streamline your process, strengthen the productivity and help you to achieve operational excellence.

Technology Challenges: Every business owners face the technology challenges in their business. By implementing the proper and right technology, you can chalk out a roadmap for the growth of your business. Implementing an ERP Software is a technology initiative, so you need to be careful while selecting a technology to use in your process. You must understand how the software solutions will align with your business process. What are the changes you need to make with current infrastructure? Try to compare the advantages of the ERP Systems that are developed on different platforms and how these applications will fit into your business.

Cost and Your Budget: This is one of the important aspects with affects your decisions. It is obvious that you would like to get an ERP system that fits in with your budget and which will give you ROI. The other things that you need to consider while planning for a software application for your business – the cost of the application, hardware infrastructure cost, upgrades, annual maintenance of software application, subscription charges, etc. Be sure that there would not by any hidden cost associated with the ERP software.

User Training: Implementing a software application into your business is a complex thing, you need to get your staff well training to use the application. You need to discuss regarding the user training with the vendor prior to finalizing the deal. In general, the ERP implementation is likely to fail without a proper training of the end-user. You can involve your team in the development of the application and their views should be considered in testing and multiple test iterations.

ERP Consultant: It is obvious that you can’t take a right decision having many questions and ambiguity in regard to adopting a new system. You can hire an independent ERP Consultant, who could suggest you the best ERP software after analyzing your business. The ERP consultants would charge a professional fee for the efforts, but that would be a good thing as you don’t need to take many hassles in finding the right ERP software for your business. Besides, you can ask your employees, colleagues, and partners to help you in reaching the right ERP vendor.

By considering these aspects you can choose the best ERP software for your business. You can achieve a higher growth rate, productivity and operational excellence by implementing ERP Software.   

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