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How to choose best ERP software for educational institutes?

Technology is everywhere and it has changed our lives. The impact of technology is seen in our educational system. This is the right time for educational institutes to switch to automation so that they can focus on the quality of education as well as on management. Of late, there are many institutes still depending on their manual process of managing. Their productivity is considered to be less than those of institutes using modern technology in managing their administration and students.

 Students are adapted to the latest technology and need to be digital information regarding their studies on their mobile and applications. Mobile and internet penetration have brought a significant change in the education system. As a result, educational institutes – colleges, schools, universities, coaching institutes, and others are adapting to technology applications to manage and streamline their process.

ERP software will help these educational institutes in many ways. The application will help to streamline all the processes including, administration, attendance, teacher management, inventory and facilities management, transport, generating reports like examination, mark sheets and it will also be very useful for managing the database of the students and coordinating with parents.

If you are running an educational organization and want to implement ERP software for your educational institutions, then you need to focus following five factors.

Five factors to be considered while choosing ERP software for educational institutes


  • Goals and Targets: While selecting the ERP software, you must need to check whether the application would be useful to achieve your goals or not. Look for an ERP application, which will be easy to use and fits in the business model.
  • Security: This is a very important factor for your educational institution as you will be dealing with vast data of your students and fees payment. The application will be useful for handling many sorts of transactions, but at the same time it should be secure and there should not be any threat of breach of security.
  • Cost: While focusing on the costing of the ERP system, you need to make a comparative analysis of all the available applications in the market. With high cost, you may get the best ERP application, but at the same time, you can review other application would be available with same modules at a lesser price.
  • Customization & Integration: If you are using an application prior to implementing the ERP software application, make sure that the new application will be easy to integrate. The application should be easy to customize as per your institutions and its functioning, else you need to change the operations as per the application. There are many ERP software those are very easy to customize and integrate with other business applications.
  • Reporting & Analytics: The application should be useful to generate reports as per your requirement and it should be useful in analyzing your activities through charts and tables. It is very important for educational institutions to generate reports and use the analytics for taking business decisions.

What are the advantages of educational ERP software?

If you are running an educational institution and planning to implement ERP software, then you also want to know the advantages. There would be many advantages of going automation and most importantly, it will help to gauge your progress through the analytics and reports.


  • Increase daily productivity: The day-to-day activities like entering attendance, details of transportation, managing other records consume the maximum time of any organization. The ERP software will help you to handle those daily activities with ease and digitally. You can store all the activities at one place in the application as per your functioning and retrieve whenever you’d like. It will increase the productivity of teachers as well as administrative staff. Once the application is implemented, you no need to spend much time on managing the activities. You can monitor the activity of teachers daily, weekly and monthly and yearly, which will give you a clear idea how to make teachers more productive.
  • Save paper & reduce teacher workload: Once the application is installed at your institution, it will reduce all your paperwork and workload of teachers and other administrative officers. The basic modules like administration, attendance, examination, and results would help you to reduce the use of paperwork. Those can be maintained in the application very effectively and all will be stored in your database and you can retrieve the information as per your requirement. This application will also be useful in reducing the infrastructure cost.
  • Complete automation for smarter decisions: The automation of the administrative process would be very useful for you to take a smart decision. You can get reports on classes, syllabus and other activities being carried out in the institution. If you have a manual process, then getting information on the activities is quite a tedious task. The application will also help you to understand the progress of the classes and students.
  • Save money: The ERP software will be very economical when it comes to expenses in managing records. When you’ll have clear idea the budget you allocated for various activities, it will help you to save money as well. While managing things manual many expenses may go unnoticed, but with having an invoicing module in the application, you can easily track on the incurred expenses under different heads. The application with a module on fees would be effective to take control of your finances. It would easy to manage vendors and suppliers in the ERP software, which will help you to take better decisions.
  • Improve student and parent engagement: The application will help you to improve engagement with students and parents. You can integrate SMS services in the application, which will allow you to send bulk as well as selective SMSs to students and parents. Students can get SMSs about the fees due date, examination schedule, timetable, and classes information. For instance, if some classes are postponed due to some reason, SMSs can be sent to all students at a time without wasting much time. And, you can send emails to the parents and students regarding the progress and status. Parents can also receive SMS and email regarding regular or any particular events of the institution. The application will help you to maintain a healthy engagement with students and parents.

Following are some of the basic modules will be getting with the ERP software for educational institutions. However, you can customize all the modules as per your requirement. But, all the software may not be easy to customize. Open source software like Odoo ERP Solutions would the best option for your educational institutions.

Modules to be available in the ERP application:

  • Administration
  • Admission Process
  • Fees Collection
  • Attendance Student/ Staff
  • Student Details
  • Examination
  • Bulk SMS and email
  • Report Generation
  • Manage Transportation
  • Parent coordination

If you are planning for ERP software for your institution, please consult with ERP consultants and companies having expertise in providing ERP solutions. 

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