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How Blockchain transforms Degrees & Certifications in Universities

The education system needs the implementation of leveraging technologies like blockchain and AI to automate and bring transparency. The educational institutions including national level & international colleges and universities will be benefited with the integration of blockchain application in the system. The implementation could be done at various stages to achieve desired goals and output. Let’s discuss how the implementation of blockchain technology in the e-certification will help these institutions, organizations, and students.

Blockchain Based E-Certification Application

The motto of the developing such e-certification application based on the blockchain technology is to decentralize the data o the students. And, the organizations and educational institutions could access and any modification by the educational institution would store a log of the certain modification done in the ledge of the certain student.


blockchain in education use cases
Benefits of blockchain in education:

Blockchain use case in education is new concept and companies, as well as educational institutions, have been showing their interest for faster adoption of leveraging technologies. Following are few benefits of using the E-Certificate application:

Authentication of Certificates:

E-certification, an innovative application will be useful for students to authenticate their certificates as proof of learning. It can also be useful for the management of credentials or transcripts, management of students’ records, management of reputations and moreover, it will ensure smooth & seamless payment methods.

Educational institutions which issue the certificates will be able to modify the records and authenticate upon having any requirement from any organization. It usually required for the organizations or employer to verify the documents & certificates provided by their employees or candidates. This platform will bring both of the organizations – employer and educational institutions – to authenticate and exchange information over certain students who passed out from their institutions and applied for a job at the organization.

Time Saver:

With the implementation of blockchain technology based E-certification system, it will save ample time of students, educations institutions & organizations. Usually, the verification and authentication process involve lengthy and time-consuming approach, which would be reduced and save the time. The data of the students are stored at a central system and empowered by distributed ledgers, which make the process more transparent and secure.

benefits of blockchain in education

Decentralized system: Access & Modification

The application ‘E-Certification’ which is empowered by blockchain will be useful for the students, graduates, educational institutions and employers. The data of students are highly secure and tamper-proof. The educational credentials can be invoked by the organization to verify the documents of the students during the recruitment process. The application will play an important role in the evaluation process. On the other hand, the educational institutions could modify the records as per the request of the concerned student having some specific reason thereof to do so.  The platform will be useful in the case of issuing duplicate certificates to students those lost their original certificate. Of late, the process involves much complexity and time-consuming.


The data on the distributed ledger system is shareable. Students can share their details and certificates and issues special privilege to employers & organizations to access their data. They will have the freedom of whether to share their data or not.

The technology is bringing the digital transformation into every sector including education. This application will help the students, educational institutions and organizations to access the data to render their specific and concerned jobs.

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