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Google officially removes Page Rank; what’s next?

After one month’s announcement to remove the page rank value showing on toolbars, the search engine giant, Google has officially removed it from last Friday. Google Page Rank is one of the key methods to gauge the popularity of a website. After this development, you will find a dark spot on all the toolbars, those were used to showing the ranking given by the search engine giant varying from 1-10.

Google PR was one of the core scores for the bloggers and internet marketing community. It used to be the meter to show how the site is popular, the more PR value the more popular your site is. Twitter used to carry 10 PR, most of the .edu sites belong to universities used to enjoy the privilege of high page rank.

It’s not that they are education sites so get the high PR naturally, it is because of the higher constant traffic. But the calculation of traffic from Google is different from that of Alexa. After the saga of PR is gone, it would be an era of Alexa ranking, which has been considered as perfect ranking for websites since long.

Experts say Alexa calculates regular, consistent traffic landing on a website in order give ranking it globally. On the contrary to Google’s PR, Alexa ranking goes down, if your site has high traffic then you’d be getting less ranking as per. The more ranking you have on Alexa is indicating that your site has less traffic.

It would be a great development for the professional in the internet marketing as for long PR used to be a key tool to show the website’s popularity or the result of the promotion work done by them. Though Google officially stopped showing the PR value on toolbars, the PR value of a website would remain in its database.

It could develop any other medium to exhibit the value of a website, let’s wait and see, what next is coming from Google’s box.