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Document Management System to enhance Your Productivity

Managing documents is one of the important tasks in any organization. Of late in this digital era, going paperless is the main prime goal of companies, startups, enterprises, and organization. In the day-to-day operations, you may come across many types of documents both hard as well as soft copies. You will be catering maximum times in managing these documents.  Software to manage the documents could reduce your burden and make you more productive in your core field.

Document Management includes every action taken with a document within an organization, with respect to the creation, distribution, and deletion of documents. A document management system is a system (based on computer programs in the case of the management of digital documents) used to track, manage and store documents and reduce paper.  

You need a document management system (DMS) to manage the documents like the invoices, agreements, product information, bills, contact information, resumes, etc. which will help you to store, access and retrieve when you need it. This system has been successful in the field of healthcare as e-records of patients are useful all the time for the medication as well as for processing.

Most of the companies do not realize that they are spending a huge amount of time & money on managing the documents. Keeping documents in the right place and category are the biggest challenges. By adopting the DMS software you can optimize your process and save precious time for your employees.

Different names of DMS:

  • Document Information Systems (DIS)
  • Content Management and Knowledge Management.
  • Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
  • Integrated Document Management (IDM)
  • Electronic Document Management (EDM)
  • Digital Assets Management (DAM)

If you would like to reduce your operational cost, then you need to consider an application especially to take care of your documents and its management. In a business environment, documents are being used in all most all the process and without documents hardly does any process could run effectively. For example, the sales department in a company is flooded with every soft document. It is a very tedious task for the marketing personnel to deal with a large number of documents.  On the contrary, they can’t ignore the use these documents. They don’t have other options rather store them an unorganized way. But, they can do it more efficiently with the help of a DSM application.

Of late, DSM application is available as a module in most of the ERP applications. For this, you don’t need to install entire ERP software rather you can use few important modules along with the document management module.  

The process of Document Management:

The process of the document management is very simple and almost same with every organization. We use the following four components for the management in our organizations.

  • Capture Document: First we capture the document and bring them into the system.
  • Storing Documents: We store the documents and categorize those as per the type of documents. You will be accessing the documents those are essential for your regular process.
  • Retrieving and Distributing Documents: It is very important for you to retrieve the required document at the time of the requirement. If you are dealing with electronic records then, it is highly essential that you should retrieve the correct documents using your system. And in the case of physical papers, you need to follow some indexing mechanism to access the right document.
  • Security: This is the most important aspect while dealing with the important documents of your organization. In this digital age, you need to very careful with your system and stored documents. You can set to restrict others from accessing your stored documents.

The software will help you to complete these processes without any hassles. As you will be using an application to store, index, protect and retrieve the documents. It will also help you to know the status and location of the documents without put extra efforts. The dashboard of the application will help you to know the status. Moreover, you can restrict other users from accessing your application.

The application is the best solutions for all your concerned related to the documents management. Many companies have been using the document management application for various purposes.

Benefits of Document Management Application:

Document management application is going to improve your productivity for sure. Many companies have been investing a huge amount of their costs over the applications to manage and protect their important documents. You can also consider the application to optimize your process and enhance your productivity. Here are the benefits of using DAM.


  1. Improve Productivity:  You can improve the productivity of your employees by using proper document management application. Make sure that the application fits into your business model and suitable to classify the documents as per your standards.
  2. Reduce Cost: Handling manual documents are expensive and it consumes space of your office. By going digital, you can save your operational costs and space. By adopting the software you can reduce costs like – storage cost, copying & printing, business process cost and security & disaster recovery costs.
  3. Sharing Knowledge & Information: You can share the documents easily with your team as well as clients as per the requirement. You will be able to share the information digitally from the application.
  4. Visualization: The application will give you the better visibility of the documents and their locations. No need to access all the folders and files; you can get the information from the dashboard itself.  You can get the charts and graphs of the documents, types of documents and various categories of the applications.
  5. Easy Access: With the help of the software, you can get all the documents from anywhere. You can access those documents from your mobile. The biggest advantage of the application is that, no need to carry all the documents on the storage device. Access the documents while traveling.
  6. Storing: When it comes to operations and accessing documents, you need best-storing devices. But, the DMS will help you to store the documents into it and retrieve as per your convenience and requirement.
  7. Easy Publish: You can easily publish these electronic documents on websites and write on other storage devices.
  8. Better Decisions: You can analyze the documents in order to take better business decisions. The application will help you to know the better insights into your business, and you can easily know the status of the documents department wise and generate individual reports.

The document management is one of the modules in the ERP software, which is essential for companies to implement into their operations. In the case of SMEs, this module will be very useful as they could organize and streamline their documents without putting maximum efforts.