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Digital Marketing Software market to touch $74.96 bn by 2022

Digital Marketing is an effective way to build your online presence, create customer awareness, promote your brand and generate revenue from digital platforms. Digital marketing software (DMS) and tools will help you maintain strong customer relationship and to have a strong digital presence. You can effectively use the digital channels like social media and mobile advertising for your business.   

According to a report by MarketsandMarkets, the digital marketing software market will grow at 14.9 percent CAGR during 2017 to 2022 and it is likely to touch USD $74.96 billion by 2022 from 37.48 billion in 2017 due to a rapid growth in the social media usage and mobile advertising. USA and Canada lead the way in DMS market share due to high budget availability. However, the demand for the software and tools is likely to go up during the forecast period across the world.

The growth in the digital penetration – engagement on social media sites and mobiles - has provided plenty of opportunities for the small and medium-sized enterprise (SMEs). They can use the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Instagram for branding and product marketing.

In order to capitalize on the boom in the digital marketplace, you must be acquainted with various digital marketing software and tools available in the market. These software and tools will help you improve your digital presence and create your own brand impression over the digital channels.

The following mentioned software would be useful for your business to create a brand impression and a good digital presence.


  1. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software: Many businesses fail due to poor client management. The client retention is impossible without the DMS, of late. Businesses and enterprises need to focus on client communication on all the platforms including digital like on various social media sites and mobile engagement.  
  2. Email Marketing Software:  Email marketing is still one of the most effective marketing techniques. Most of the companies prefer the email marketing, which will help them to build engagement with their customers as well as giving them a space to pitch their products.  Email marketing is the core component of internet marketing, and it is the best tool for communication. There are many email marketing software available in the market, by using those companies can achieve higher revenue and RoI.
  3. Social Media Marketing Software: Of late, companies and business houses depend on their social media handles to share their news and announcements. However, the social media analytics could help you to understand your customers and their behavior. Companies can generate more profit by using the social media marketing software as it is essential to reach the right audience at right time. There many tools available
  4. Search Marketing Software: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is still active and companies are benefiting by using white hat techniques. There are many updates by the search engine giant – Google. Companies can use this software and tools to get better results on the search engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing.  The Search Engine Marketing (SEM) will help you to top the search engine and would boost your sales and revenue. The best software and tool will provide best results in terms of online presence and sales.
  5. Web Content Management (WCM) Software: Managing content is a big challenge for companies and enterprises and fact is that the content is the key to your online presence. The WCM software is useful for publishing and editing digital content like text, video files, infographics, graphics and video files. The software will help the companies to manage their content in an effective way.
  6. Marketing Automation Software: Revenue and performance of a company depend on the marketing department. The innovative and creative way of the marketing personnel would certainly boost the sales. The marketing automation system is designed to help the marketing department to organize and generate more sales from multiple online channels.

There will be high demand for the digital marketing software due to the growth in internet and mobile penetration. Most the companies are going digital to attract more and more customers to their products and services. The digital marketing agencies have also been recommending various marketing tools for the companies to increase the digital presence and sales from digital channels. To know more about digital marketing and how it is going to help you, please read our previous article: Why Should Business Owners Adopt Digital Marketing?