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CEO and co-founder Saswat Kumar Panda explains Entrepreneurship [Source: StartupCity.com]

CEO and co-founder of Learnitude Technologies Mr. Saswat Kumar Panda explained his views on entrepreneurship at StartupCity.com, as he stressed upon a sustainable and supportive team which is the key factor for your startup’s success and growth. How entrepreneurs should follow the basic fundamentals of a startup ecosystem to achieve sustainable growth in their respective industries.

Below is an excerpt from his post at StartupCity.com –

“A successful team can build wonders, and that is fundamental to every good outcome in an entrepreneurship. A good team can encourage investors to board in at the right time, develop a good network and focus on specific individual goals collectively resulting in the success. Like every individual, every entrepreneur is different and there has to be a space for every thought process that can generate employment, have a social impact and nurture talents to solve problems in any serving market. I will not hesitate in saying that 90 percent of the events we see around don’t help any entrepreneur on real terms & especially a start-up.  Networking without a team, process and sustainable business model will fail and just become a score card like social media friends.”

You can read the whole article in this link http://www.startupcity.com/startups-talk/entrepreneurship-sticking-to-fundamentals-nid-2427.html