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Building a good CRM Strategy for your Business

Your business needs a good Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategy. Which is considered as an integral part of your business process and you can't attain success without it. Some organizations fail because of poor CRM strategy and they find it hard to manage customers in an effective manner.

Another foremost reason is not embracing the latest technologies.  Of late, there are many types of CRM software available in the market. If you didn’t find the proper one, well, you can customize it as per your needs and business process. The CRM software will help you to streamline your process, address all your challenges and at the same time, quadruple your productivity.

The goal of implementing CRM software is to improve your business through client engagement. You can improve your client engagement, leads, and prospects. At all the states from pre-sale to post-sale, the software will help you and your team.

CRM benefits for business

Let’s have a look at the advantages of CRM software and why you need it.

1. Customer Data Management: Customers’ data means a lot to your business. Without the data, you can’t achieve anything. Many organizations fail in customer data management best practices. You might have come across a situation where you were in need of a customer’s details to push your sales or meeting. But, failed to the opportunity due to misplacing the important contact of the customers. Don’t worry, it is the case with every organization, those keep their contacts on excel, pen, and paper. In order to have an effective CRM strategy in place, you need to adopt the technology and you can track all the progress you made with your customers or prospect.

2. Customer Communication: The CRM software will help you improve your communication with the customer, client, prospect or lead. You will come to know the importance of customer communication in your business.  In this digital world, you can reach to your customers and there are multiple ways. You can update your customer, prospect or lead by sending them SMS, texting to numbers or any medium they feel comfortable. This will help them to understand your values and services. Without proper communication, your business is going to fail sure.

3. Marketing Campaign: For a successful marketing, you need software that works as a tool for your marketing team. CRM software will help you to manage your marketing campaign; you can keep track of the activities of your marketing team, their meetings, and closing deals. In the absence of software, you might not get the update on the leads you have. It will help you to improve your marketing strategy and you can get the feedback from the customers, leaders, and prospects. It will enhance your decision making power.

4. Better Team Collaboration: The CRM software will help your teams to collaborate and work efficiently by coordinating over the leads and opportunities. All the departments like finance, marketing, and lead generation will work efficiently over the data saved in the system. Even they can access the data on the go.  

How CRM Software helped our Clients?

We have been developing and implementing Odoo ERP software, which comes with various modules. The ERP software helped many of our clients in streamlining their business. Following two are the real test cases of CRM software implementation:

1. Case One: The client was a marketing firm and was in need of software that helps to keep track of the entire process. The client used to maintain the activities in a spreadsheet and was doing the follow-up by following the file. As per the client’s requirement, we analyzed the entire process and implemented the following modules, those helped the client to achieve sales by 53% and reduced the costs in operations by 38%:

a.      Sales Process Management

b.      CRM Management

c.       Operations Management

d.      Lead & Opportunities Management

2. Case Two: The client was a real estate firm and was in need of CRM software to track calls with the prospects, leads, and customers. The client was facing a problem while managing the client communication and pre-sales activities. After properly evaluating the problem, our CRM team developed the following modules and deployed. This solution helped to increase his pre-sales activities by 78% and now the client has every record of client communication & updates to track and follow-up:

a.      CRM Module

b.      Pre-Sales Activities

c.       Property Management

d.      Records of Client Communication

It is very important for you to have a proper and good CRM strategy, without which you’d not be able to deliver the best services to your clients. The CRM software will bring transparency and reduces ambiguity. It will increase your productivity and confidence of your sales team. You will see better sales results for sure. 

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