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Insight: Blockchain Market to touch over $28 USD Billion by 2025

The global blockchain market is growing at a faster annual growth rate due to the higher rate of adoption technology and digital transformation initiatives. The blockchain technology (also known as Distributed Ledger Technology or DLT) has been redefining the businesses across the world in all of the industrial verticals. Currently, the technology has dominated the fintech sector and embarking into other sectors such as elections, insurance, and retail etc.


How Blockchain transforms Degrees & Certifications in Universities

The education system needs the implementation of leveraging technologies like blockchain and AI to automate and bring transparency. The educational institutions including national level & international colleges and universities will be benefited with the integration of blockchain application in the system. The implementation could be done at various stages to achieve desired goals and output. Let’s discuss how the implementation of blockchain technology in the e-certification will help these institutions, organizations, and students.